Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Marusei Butter Sandwich

Yesterday my co-worker gave me a souvenir from Hokkaido. It was in a silver package and looked really antique, so I didn't expect anything...


It was really amazingly delicious :D The rum raisin cream filling was really tasty! I searched about this cookie on the Net and found it was a famous sweet made by a store called Rokkatei in Hokkaido. The cream part is white chocolate with 100% raw milk Hokkaido butter! The cookie is named after the first butter made in Tokachi, subprefecture of Hokkaido.

Actually, I am gaining weight since the New Year! I think I gained 4 pounds for sure!!! Last time I said I lost 4 pounds but was a dream... Ha-ha-ha!!!

To lose 4 pounds, I heard I need to burn approx 7000kcal!
How can I?!?!

BTW this cookie was 167kcal per serving...
OMG I need to cook more than 3 Valentine's day recipe this weekend... Long way to go :(

I hope I can fit the dress tomorrow...
Seriously, Japanese dresses are too tight!!!

See you on Friday!

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  1. Ochi,

    The cake looked delicious.You had a great coworkers!! I always read from your blog that they will bring home some souveniers for friends.

    Good luck in your dress trying.Sorry for late commenting.

  2. Hi jose,

    Don't you buy any souvenirs for your friends?!

    Nope! Thanks for your comments!!!

  3. I was just visiting Hokkaido on a business trip, and someone I met there gave me a box of Marusei Butter... it was definitely the best cookie I ever ate!

    It was amazing, and I need to get some more next time I am in Japan.

  4. Hi Sandra & Marcelo,

    Great you loved it!!!
    You know what!? I think that is the best souvenir choice from Hokkaido ;)

  5. Hey there..

    One of my friend gifted me these when i'd been to japan.. thought it was a box of chocolates but was surprised to find these cookies wrapped in silver packing. They taste great..

  6. Hi

    I have had Marusei Butter Sandwich from my Japanese colleague long time ago and looked for the recipe ever since. Can you please help to post Marusei Butter Sandwich recipe? I could not find it.

    Thank you so much....



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