Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Marusei Butter Sandwich

Yesterday my co-worker gave me a souvenir from Hokkaido. It was in a silver package and looked really antique, so I didn't expect anything...


It was really amazingly delicious :D The rum raisin cream filling was really tasty! I searched about this cookie on the Net and found it was a famous sweet made by a store called Rokkatei in Hokkaido. The cream part is white chocolate with 100% raw milk Hokkaido butter! The cookie is named after the first butter made in Tokachi, subprefecture of Hokkaido.

Actually, I am gaining weight since the New Year! I think I gained 4 pounds for sure!!! Last time I said I lost 4 pounds but was a dream... Ha-ha-ha!!!

To lose 4 pounds, I heard I need to burn approx 7000kcal!
How can I?!?!

BTW this cookie was 167kcal per serving...
OMG I need to cook more than 3 Valentine's day recipe this weekend... Long way to go :(

I hope I can fit the dress tomorrow...
Seriously, Japanese dresses are too tight!!!

See you on Friday!

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