Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Tea Leaves Baked Potatoes

Have you ever used tea dregs for your cooking?

Some tea leaves are too hard and bitter to use, but believe it or not, some are really soft and tasty that you can even eat them! For instance, Chinese 龍井茶 (ronjin tea) is known as the best grade tea which you can eat as is. In Japan, we have many of this kind, too. おぶぶ茶苑 (obubuchaen) in Kyoto produces tea leaves called かぶせ煎茶 (kabuse sencha) and you can eat them after enjoying drinking.

Here is the recipe using the かぶせ煎茶 (kabuse sencha) tea dregs. I won the highest prize at おぶぶ茶苑 (obubuchaen)'s contest :D

Tea Leaves Baked Potatoes

Difficulty: Easy
Time: 20min
Number of servings: 2

600g (1.3lb.) potatoes
1 tbsp. tea leaves (かぶせ煎茶)
* 2 tbsp. chirimenjyako (dried baby sardine)
* 1 tsp. soy sauce
* 1 tsp. mirin (sweet sake)
2 tbsp. cooking oil

1. Soak tea leaves in boiling water and wait until the leaves get soft and sink to the bottom. Drain well and chop.
2. Simmer and roast tea leaves and A in a frying pan until water is almost gone.
3. Wash the potatoes well (peel if preferred) and cut them into wedges. Microwave them for about 3 minutes until soft and dress them with cooking oil.
4. Place potatoes onto a baking tray and bake in the oven until crisp and golden brown.
5. Add 2, toss lightly, and serve.

My original recipe in Japanese is here.

Today is Setsubun, so I am thinking of making Eho-Maki tonight! The lucky direction this year is west-southwest. If you have iPhone, it is the direction of 255 degrees ;)

Enjoy your day :D

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