Friday, February 12, 2010

Wedding Dresses #1

Yesterday I tried on wedding dresses and colored dresses for the first time in my life!!!

White dresses were not as white & glittering as I thought. But they fitted very well and looked really good in pictures! Amazing!!!

I enjoyed wearing colored ones more than the white ones ;) They were really heavy but gorgeous indeed! But the pricing for the rental was insanely expensive!!! Hmm...

Instead of renting 2 dresses (changing into a colorful dress during the wedding reception), maybe I can design my own wedding dress using the budget.

Anyway, I am thinking of trying on as many wedding dresses as I can until April (the deadline to decide my dresses). That's why I titled this post "#1". He-he! Thanks to my darling. He took all these pictures.

Will see...

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  1. Ochi,

    You looked extremely PRETTY!!!!!Awesome!

    I like the white looked happy and I was happy for you too.

  2. Hi Ochi,
    You look pretty with your white dresses and the pink dresses.

  3. I'm with Jose I like the white on you with your dark hair gorgeous! You'll be a beautiful bride no matter what you choose! I know it's not an easy choice, but a very important one! Good luck on your search!

  4. KAWAII!
    You look great and so happy!
    Have fun!

  5. Hi jose,

    Thanks! I think you will enjoy dress-up, too ;)

  6. Hi anGeLine,

    My parents and sisters liked the pink one ;)

  7. Hi jo,

    Really!? I'm glad to hear that because I thought I don't look nice in white!!!
    Thank you jo!!!

  8. Hi Tomi-san,

    Could you see the images?!
    I just deleted them since my darling told me not to post them :P

    BTW, I booked the photo wedding in NY :D
    I'm not sure weather to rent or purchase the dress in NY or Japan... still thinking...


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