Friday, March 19, 2010

Apple Pie @ Cafe Dor

Hi there!

Yay or Jeez! My co-worker bought me a yummy apple pie while I had to watch my weight...

The apple pie was from Cafe Dor, close to my workplace.
It uses an apple called 紅玉(kougyoku: "Jonathan" in English) from Aomori prefecture. Baked slowly for 2 days in an oven, well balanced sweet and sour filling is made. It was really delicious in a crispy pie!

Why sweets in Japan are not sweet! They are too easy to eat, which is dangerous!!!

Anyway, it's already Friday and March is almost over. Time flies!!!

Monday is a holiday, substitute holiday for the Vernal Equinox Day, yay!

Have a good weekend :D

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  1. Ochi,

    Baked in oven for 2 days!!!! Wow..I think they should have some secret recipes for this..hehe.

    Your coworkers were all kind and friendly.Nowadays,hard to find a great person..

  2. Yes very long to bake! Yes we make our food way too sweet and salty here!

  3. Hi jose,

    There are many stores that have secret (original) recipes in Japan!!! I should stop trying them out X(

    My co-workers are nice as friends! Ha-ha!!!

  4. Hi Jo,

    Way too sweet can stop me eating sweets!!! I really need to stop eating sweet stuff, you know X(


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