Thursday, March 18, 2010

Fuchsia Pink Nails

I used to keep my nails very short because I cook. But too short nails sometimes dry my skin between the nails and my skin chaps, so I tried not to clip my nails that often.

Then last night, I realized my nails were very long since I was busy recently! I was going to clip them all but they were nicely long without any crack, so I colored them fuchsia pink with sparkles!

Actually, the color is too loud, so I don't like what I have done to my nails... You know those colors look bad when they start to rub off. I should have used only sparkles...

Anyway, I would say to myself just for a change!

See ya!!!

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  1. Ochi,

    I love your nail color!!!

    And did you always go to mani?Because I saw your hands looked smooth and fair..

  2. Hi jose,

    Oh, I'm glad to hear that...

    I did this at home and I used Elizabeth Arden's Eight Hour Cream before taking this picture! That's why my hand looks better but usually very dry X(

  3. Your nails look fine to me Ochi, and you know I just did my nails the same way. I love sparkly over plain fushsia pin, I think it looks dressy!

  4. Hi Jo,

    You are right!
    Only the plain color looks very loud, so adding sparkles makes it look dressy!!!

    I think I'd better get a new nail polish, since they are old, they are very thick to apply even if I use the diluent! Don't ask me how old! Ha-ha!!!


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