Wednesday, March 3, 2010

False Eyelashes

This morning, I read jose's blog and I was thinking what my obsessiveness is... Then, jo commented on my blog and realized I am obsessed with false eyelashes!!!

My darling aways stops me of getting new ones, but I feel somewhat relieved to stock them up, you know!

My favorite ones are sold at 100yen (a dollar) shop called Daiso! They are cheap but amazingly useful! #16 is my favorite :) But sometimes they are sold out, so I need to get them whenever they are available. Thus, when I find them, I buy a large amount! BTW, I tried many other brands and expensive ones, but they were not that good, so I'm sure I would still like to use them for a while!

It's a given, so I forgot about recipe contests, but they are my obsessiveness, too!

Time to go! See you :D

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