Thursday, March 4, 2010

PEPSI NEX Promotion: Dean & Deluca Magnet Collection

I found an attractive promotion at my friend's post this afternoon.

Now 1.5 litter PEPSI NEX comes with a free Dean & Deluca Magnet! Aren't they adorable!?

PEPSI NEX is a leader product of PEPSI Cola Japan (which Suntory plays a full part). The product was originally made in Japan in 2006. Adapted to the Japanese palate, it's 100% calorie-free with a refreshing lemon flavor.

Now they target women by offering these goodies...

Of course I want the pink ice cream. Yep! Another obsessiveness here! I'm obsessed with fuchsia pink!!! But why PEPSI... why 1.5 litter... I need to ask my co-worker (a guy) to get one! He-he :P

It's raining here in Tokyo and we expect this dizzy weather till next week...

Anyway, hula tonight!!! have a good one :D

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