Tuesday, March 16, 2010

How to Apply False Eyelashes

I did eyelash extensions for a year, but I found them very inconvenient since it takes time to wash eye area and need to fix them (go to salon) once in 2 weeks when your lashes came off! Also, they are 100 times expensive than false eyelashes!!!

If you use Daiso's false eyelashes, it costs only a dollar! Of course, you can use them for several times until it broke!

Here I'll explain you how I apply false eyelashes! This is my way, but I hope you find it informative.

Before you start:
Daiso's eyelash adhesive stays well, so I prefer to apply them after the makeup. Be sure to turn off the air conditioner because you don't want to let the adhesive dry too much!

#1. Get your eyelashes:
I think this is the most difficult part! I bought more than 20 different kinds of eyelashes and found this Daiso #16 looks perfect on me.

#2. Cut the eyelashes:
If the lashes are wider than your eyes, cut inner eye side of the lashes. I cut in this way because my eyes look lengthwise bigger. Also, I want to space out a little bit at the inner eye side because my eyelashes tickle my face. (Please see the image of procedure #4.) Remember to test them by holding them on your eyelid and see how well they fit across your lid. Then cut a little at a time.

#3. Put eyelash adhesive:
Squeeze eyelash adhesive a little bit and lightly slide the eyelashes along it. Just a little touch will draw a perfect glue strip. Then let the adhesive become tacky (this only takes about 20 seconds).

#4. Apply false eyelashes:
Over the eyeline you drew, start applying your false eyelashes from the inner eye side, make sure you space out a little bit, press and hold the false eyelashes as close to the eyeline as possible.

To finish up, apply liquid eyeliner over both to fill any gaps between the false lashes and your natural lash line. I don't use mascara but you can use it over the false eyelashes if needed. This will bond the false lashes with yours.

When you remove, gently pull your false eyelashes off. By the end of the day, Daiso's eyelash adhesive gets loose so it won't hurt you!

To use your false eyelashes again, peel off the glue.

Practice makes perfect! You will find your own way soon!

Good luck :D

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