Monday, March 15, 2010

Macaroon Chocolate

3/14 was White Day. It's the day men give gifts (used to be candies) to women in return for the chocolate they were given on Valentine's Day. I always think my darling will forget about this day (he forgets Christmas, you know...) but he gave me Grand Four's cute macaroon shaped ganache! (I once purchased macaroon rusk at this store and was really delicious.)

From left to right, passion fruit, vanilla, strawberry, bitter chocolate, and pistachio. They are really cute like jewelry with argent!

Thanks for the small size, I don't have to worry about gaining weight! Actually, I gained 5 pounds since the New Year... I think I lost weight temporarily under the psychical stress of my darling's... you know! Anyway, now I am doing super better than before, so I am steadily gaining weight! To stop getting fat I gotta enjoy them one piece a day ;)

Busy Monday! See ya!

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  1. ooohh macaroons!! ive only tried them once and they were the pastry kind. it wasnt that great.. to you tell you the truth haha. happy white day! :)

  2. These are just darling macaroons and so are all your creations of the posts below.Time spent in the kitchen, no matter what is created should get an A for effort!

  3. Hi lisaa__,

    I love your pink Hello Kitty template :D

    I know. Regular macaroons are sometimes very chewy and sweet, so I don't prefer to eat them either! But these chocolates were amazingly delicious! Of course they are no longer macaroons. Ha-ha!!!

  4. Hi nazarina,

    Yep! I believe so, too!!!

    Your work always surprizes me and makes me want to run back to my kitchen and create something! He-he ;)


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