Friday, March 12, 2010

My Accomplishments

These are my accomplishments in February.

On 2/5, I won the bronze prize at beauty nabe recipe contest. My nabe was "Brown Rice Porridge Shabu-shabu Nabe". Four judges actually sampled the nabe and critiqued. My dad told me that in China, people commonly eat rice porridge nabe. Is that true, jose?

On 2/6, my Creamy Udon Gratin won the milk award at the milk recipe contest organized by Sankei Shinbunkaihatsu (Newspaper Developers). The prize was 2 dozens of milk cartons. Luckily, my darling loves to drink milk! Me?! I don't really like to drink milk...

On 2/24, my Valentine's day recipe "Lovely Dots Crunchy Chocolate" won a prize. I combined hina-arare (pastel colored rice puffs) with pink strawberry chocolate :D

On 2/24, I won the silver award at deco-choco (chocolate decoration) contest. It was a contest to decorate a chocolate bar. I made a 3D picture frame! My darling loved it! I still have it displayed in the hallway ;)

On 2/27, my Mango Chocolate Mousse won a special prize at Yodoran (iodine-enriched egg)'s Valentine's day contest. I just used egg yolk to make it yellow :D

It is rare, but the oyster recipe contest was canceled on 2/20. They say there weren't sufficient number of applicants.

I sometimes question myself. "What am I doing everyday!?" Now it's already mid March... Time flies in routined life!!! Maybe it is time to add or change something. What if I change my stay-at-home life, cooking...

Have a good weekend!!!

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