Friday, March 12, 2010

My Accomplishments

These are my accomplishments in February.

On 2/5, I won the bronze prize at beauty nabe recipe contest. My nabe was "Brown Rice Porridge Shabu-shabu Nabe". Four judges actually sampled the nabe and critiqued. My dad told me that in China, people commonly eat rice porridge nabe. Is that true, jose?

On 2/6, my Creamy Udon Gratin won the milk award at the milk recipe contest organized by Sankei Shinbunkaihatsu (Newspaper Developers). The prize was 2 dozens of milk cartons. Luckily, my darling loves to drink milk! Me?! I don't really like to drink milk...

On 2/24, my Valentine's day recipe "Lovely Dots Crunchy Chocolate" won a prize. I combined hina-arare (pastel colored rice puffs) with pink strawberry chocolate :D

On 2/24, I won the silver award at deco-choco (chocolate decoration) contest. It was a contest to decorate a chocolate bar. I made a 3D picture frame! My darling loved it! I still have it displayed in the hallway ;)

On 2/27, my Mango Chocolate Mousse won a special prize at Yodoran (iodine-enriched egg)'s Valentine's day contest. I just used egg yolk to make it yellow :D

It is rare, but the oyster recipe contest was canceled on 2/20. They say there weren't sufficient number of applicants.

I sometimes question myself. "What am I doing everyday!?" Now it's already mid March... Time flies in routined life!!! Maybe it is time to add or change something. What if I change my stay-at-home life, cooking...

Have a good weekend!!!

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  1. Ochi,

    Yup..your dad is correct!! Not just China,even SG and Malaysia here too.We like porridge in nabe as nabe can maintain the heat even after we finish the porridges.Chinese love hot foods!!

    I love your 3D photo frame.Can you teach me how to do this?

    And by the way,I bought a pair of eyelashes in Daiso few days ago.But I had no idea how to put it on.Can you give me some tutorial?

  2. Really, jose?!
    It is much more convincing than my dad! Ha-ha!!! Do you cook it at home, too?! If you have a chance to take a photo, I want to see the real one :D

    Okay, if I got a chance to take photos tomorrow morning, (sorry not a movie...) I will show you how ;)

  3. Ochi,

    My rented kitchen did not have any nabe provided,and since moving is also a hard work for I never buy any nabe.If I really wish to have some,I will eat them outside.Maybe I will show you the photo next time.

  4. Hi jose,

    Don't you use portable gas stove to cook it at table?! I wish to cook nabe at table, but our home is too small X(

    BTW, I took some pictures of the eyelashes to show you how so I will post them someday this week if I get a chance! But actually, don't expect much... My pictures are not that good X(


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