Friday, March 5, 2010


Yesterday evening, I was somehow dizzy and I thought I caught a cold but after taking a cold medicine and dancing hula, I got well and stayed up late till 2 am. Then this morning, I woke up early in high spirits! I thought it's going to be a good day but things happened right after I finished my eye makeup...

I tried to put the glue on my false lashes, but the glue was clogged and it didn't come out. So I squeezed the tube from the bottom... then guess what happened! All the glue popped out from the tube and splashed me in my left eye!

What the heck!!!

My foundation... my eye shadow... my double lines...

I fixed my eye but my mood is gone... you know...

Then another splash in the kitchen. While I was pouring soymilk, it splashed out from the blender... Then another one again! An automatic soap dispenser splashed while washing my hands at work. Hope this is the last one...

BTW, "splash" reminds me of my favorite mermaid movie. Have you ever seen it before?! It's a romantic story. Hope I could have a chance to watch it again.

Anyway, have a safe day!!!

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  1. Ochi,
    I'm sure I will be super angry if such things happen to me.

    Have a nice day.

  2. Nothing like having to put on your makeup twice. I don't like the double lines eyeliner on me I prefer them closed and closer to my eyes more natural looking. I guess I'm just used to my way, and stuck in my ways for many years! We are in a liquid world, especially in cooking! You know I always get my shirt or pants wet when I wash dishes, hate that! Hope you have a better day!

  3. Ochi,

    I guess you had a rough day today...

    Me too..I hate reapply my makeup again once I messed up.No mood for those again.

    But hope nothing will happen to you after this again.

    Have a nice day

  4. Hi anGeLine,

    You understand me! He-he :)

  5. Hi Jo,

    I know what you mean! I have my way of makeup, so I don't feel comfortable with smokey eyes, for an example. Ha-ha!

  6. Hi jose,

    Luckily, nothing bad happened after that! Ha-ha!!!


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