Friday, April 2, 2010

Calorie Hunter

Last night, I attended the new class called "Calorie Hunter" after the regular hula dancing class at the gym. You dance Latin, hip-hop, house, and whatever dance for non-stop 45 minutes! People at the gym say you just simply follow an instructor, but for no joke, I am not a dance person, so I couldn't follow the instructor at all X( I think I burned my calories in a cold sweat... I'm not sure weather to attend it again (try out new a new thing) or not.

Anyway, the new hula dancing song is Kaimana Hila! I can't wait to complete it :D

This weekend, my darling and I are going to fly to Nagasaki and take a bus (2.5hrs!!!) to visit Hirado city. We are using the hotel vouchers which I won at the Dutch food contest! Then I am thinking of renting a car to do sightseeing in Ikitsuki (very northern part of Nagasaki). I haven't driven a car for ages in Japan, so I hope I can make it back alive!

I am planning to take the video of the previous hula this weekend there. So, hopefully, I'll post it at YouTube by next week!

Stay tuned!!!

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