Tuesday, April 20, 2010


On Saturday, my darling and I tried burgers at FRESHNESS BURGER for the first time! They serve everything with delicious taste and safety standard. Their vegetables are freshly-picked from domestic farms, and use safe Aussie beef patties.

Their most popular burger is FRESHNESS BURGER! Their buns are made with pumpkin with natural yellow color. Juicy beef patties, thick slice of tomato, original meat sauce, and mayonnaise are sandwiched. Simple but really delicious!

The stores are located in many places in Japan, so I hope you try it if you find one!

Changing my story, today I am going to take a half day off to attend an event! Will write about it later ;)

Bye for now.

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  1. mmmm it looks good!! i would love a place like this in Los Angeles!! vegetables from domestic farms is awesome!!

  2. Ochi,

    I love burger too!! Normally I eat fish burger instead of chicken or beef.

    Singapore did have lots of different burger shops but I never saw Freshness Burger yet.

  3. Does your honey like burgers too! My husband would feel right at home with freshness burgers. As you know burgers are a very popular food here in the U.S.! We eat mostly deer burgers at home, you know! :)

  4. Hi lisaa,

    In Japan, there are many shops that use fresh vegetables from domestic farms, which is cool!

  5. Hi jose,

    You are like me ;) I prefer fish than meat, too!!!
    I think Freshness Burger is located only in Japan right now. Hope they open stores overseas someday!

  6. Hi Jo,

    Yes! My darling loves to eat burgers for LUNCH. Somehow, not for dinner. Ha-ha!!! Anyway, do you cook your burgers outside on the grill? I remember the burgers I had at my host family's house (while a student in Seattle), was really delicious! I wish I could cook on the grill in Japan, too!!!

  7. Japanese burgers are not only delicious,but also nutritious.

  8. merce-san,

    You are right!!!
    But not Mc... Ha-ha :P


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