Monday, April 26, 2010

Sun Wave Showroom

On Saturday, we had a meeting with remodeling contractor. Actually, we are also thinking of purchasing fully renovated used condo.

The meeting was pretty interesting since we realized we can do anything to the room layout, including kitchen!

Thus, in the afternoon, we went to see my new kitchen at Sun Wave's showroom. Sun Wave deals in system kitchens and vanity units made in Japan. The kitchen called amiy was even nicer than in the photo or web! You can add functional drawers (dish washer, oven, etc...) like a puzzle :D

At the showroom, an advisor will help you build up your kitchen that fits your floor plan. Then later, you'll get a quote with 3D image that shows how it fits into your place! How interesting!!!

I thought getting an used condo is not a bad choice, if you can renovate as you wish :D

Anyway, this weekend was so busy that I was overstressed and under-satisfied about everything... I just couldn't stop complaining about trifles and I had a big fight with my darling last night...

I have to rest at some point X(

Take care!!!

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  1. That kitchen is beautiful! I hope you find one that suits you perfectly. :D

  2. I like your kitchen looks very efficient. I have everything along one wall and it seems to work for me! It's all in the way you're used to having your layout! Good luck Ochi, don't work and stress so hard!

  3. Hi ReBekha,

    Kitchens these days are all very functional!!! I hope I find mine within budget :D

  4. Hi Jo,

    >>everything along one wall
    Sounds nice!!!
    I know! Mine now is along one wall and it works for me, too. But I now want to have a bar (counter) style kitchen. It's my dream :D

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