Wednesday, April 28, 2010

White Taiyaki

Have you ever tried white taiyaki?

Taiyaki (literally "baked sea bream") is a Japanese fish-shaped sweet cake. The most common filling is azuki (red bean paste).

The new style of Taiyaki is white. It's batter is made of tapioca which has a mochi-like texture! My co-worker bought 尾長屋 (onagaya)'s famous white taiyaki for us to share: custard cream and sakura bean fillings! You can either serve hot (toasted) or cold (chilled in a fridge).

Anyway, tomorrow, my darling and I are leaving for Hokkaido! I will write about our trip later! I wish I could eat a lot of seafood (especially the crab) there :D

Talk to you again!!!

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  1. mmmmm it sounds heavenly but at first i really though it was a FISH! i was thinking "fish stuffed with red bean... YUCK!" hahaha! ;D

  2. The fish cakes are cute, I agree with Kym fish stuffed with red bean would be yuck!

  3. Ochi,

    I guess I knew the taste.We had almost the same food here but maybe not in fish shape.

    I love red bean..taste great.

    How your holiday?? Waiting for your post.

  4. Yep, cute fish cakes Ochi! You always showcase the most delightful culinary cuties! Have fun on your trip!

  5. Hi Kym,

    Ha-ha! Fish stuffed with red bean sounds yucky!!!

  6. Hi Jo,

    He-he ;)
    Hope you get a chance to try this out. It was pretty good :D

  7. Hello jose,

    You have many things available there! Cool!!!
    The weather was bad but the trip was great!

  8. Hi Nazarina,

    Thanks :)
    I think you can make much more cute ones, Nazarina ;D


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