Wednesday, April 28, 2010

White Taiyaki

Have you ever tried white taiyaki?

Taiyaki (literally "baked sea bream") is a Japanese fish-shaped sweet cake. The most common filling is azuki (red bean paste).

The new style of Taiyaki is white. It's batter is made of tapioca which has a mochi-like texture! My co-worker bought 尾長屋 (onagaya)'s famous white taiyaki for us to share: custard cream and sakura bean fillings! You can either serve hot (toasted) or cold (chilled in a fridge).

Anyway, tomorrow, my darling and I are leaving for Hokkaido! I will write about our trip later! I wish I could eat a lot of seafood (especially the crab) there :D

Talk to you again!!!

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