Thursday, May 13, 2010

CANON IXY 30S (will be released on May 27th)

Timely news!!! Yesterday, I found that Canon is going to release CANON IXY 30S on May 27th, which is the latest model of my broken IXY!

This camera of course is fully automated and what is amazing is that you can shoot crisp pictures without a flash in the dark! It's HS SYSTEM enhances image quality in low-light situations and helps reduce noise at high ISO speeds! Sounds perfect for picture taking at restaurants!!!

Offered in 5 different colors (Black, White, Silver, Yellow, Red), the camera will be available in Japan for 40,000 yen (approximately $430), which I think is priced out at this moment X(

Anyway, I'm gonna try it out at an electronic store after the release ;)

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