Thursday, May 6, 2010

New Protector Band-Aid

While riding a bicycle at the outer market in Hokkaido, I lost my balance and fell off X( I hurt my knee and cut my shank! I think I hurt my leg after so long! Ouch!!! But a nice fish dealer gave me a wet towel and some band-aids. And that band-aid was really amazing indeed!

Later, I searched the Internet and found it is called New Protector Band-Aid (新プロテクターばんそうこう). It is made of 30 micrometers-thin, breathable and stretch special film, that you don't feel like wearing it! It is totally waterproof, so your wound doesn't sting! Also it doesn't hurt when you peel off.

Thanks to my injury, I found a new item for my cooking slash. Of course I don't want to hurt anymore, though...

Anyway, the high today is 80F (27C)! Hot like summer!!!

Have a good day :)

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  1. amazing!! i wish we had it here in the U.S.! haha

  2. Hi lisa,

    You know what!? There is a band-aid that heals your wound, too! But that one is pretty thick, so it can come off easily. Amazing technology!

  3. I did the same thing Ochi, not long ago I slipped on some gravel walking my sister's dog! Fell on my knee and got a huge black and blue. Luckily didnt' get cut! These older knees can't take too many falls! I'd love a band aid that didn't hurt when taking off!

  4. Ow! You were lucky not getting a cut, Jo!

    I super understand you!!! My cuts and bruises are still here on my shank and knee... I know my scars won't go away for more than a year
    X( And when I drink, those scars turn red, you know!!!

  5. Ochi,

    Be careful..You knoew Chinese will said you can't eat black soy sauce for a while until your wound getting better or else your wound will be in black color.


  6. Hi jose,

    Really?! I know soy sauce hurts, but not the black color!!! Sounds scary. Thanks for your advice!!!


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