Monday, June 14, 2010

Last Minute Man

I call my darling "Last Minute Man".

The deadline for us to submit the list of addresses of our wedding guests was yesterday. However, yesterday morning, my darling still haven't completed his list (playing with his iPhone), so I was kind of prepared myself for the worst (empty seats)... However, in the evening, he suddenly made some calls and completed his list!!! Isn't that amazing?! Why couldn't he do that earlier to avoid our fights until now...

Anyway, the rainy season has begun from today. It is going to rain till July. We find a lot of hydrangeas in bloom. I love the blue ones :D

I have a condo which I want to purchase but can't make a decision. In addition to my culinary stuff, I have a lot to think!!! Whew... I hope I can come up with a suitable compromise...

Bye for now!!!

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  1. hehe ;) my bf is exactly the same... it makes it so difficult to plan a wedding with someone who leaves everything until the last minute - aaaagh! sometimes i want to punch him, but i suppose most boys are the same, right? がんばってね。

  2. Hi fran!!!

    I saw your まえどり post today!!! You look pretty in Kimono :D

    Really?! Yoshi is the same?!

    I look forward to seeing your pics again. がんばって~!!!

  3. Ochi,

    Your hubby is so cute!!

    Eventhough he always last minute,but at least he managed to finish everything.This call efficient..hehe

    Ken did the same too..but sometimes he fail to finish up those mess.

  4. Hi jose,

    Yes... maybe efficient but if with no fights! Ha-ha!!!

    My darling sometimes needs constant care and attention to finish without fail... It is a lot of work for me, you know X(


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