Friday, June 11, 2010


Do you know MOS BURGER?

My darling and I go there once in a while. Their most popular burger is "MOS burger". We love this burger the most! Juicy beef and pork patty with their original meat sauce is distinctive :D

Recently, we tried their "superb cheese burger" and that was delicious, too! As you can see (on the left bottom image), the patty is larger than the buns! It has roasted onion soy sauce with a hint of black pepper in between which makes it really tasty! Speaking of "luxury MOS burger", it is twice as big as the regular MOS burger. It looks cool, but too difficult to eat. Since you focus on how to eat, it doesn't actually do the trick... Their rice burgers are yummy, but unfortunately they aren't many different kinds available lately... I love kinpira, though :P

MOS BURGER is now located in Taiwan, Singapore, Hong Kong, Thailand, China and Indonesia.

Try it out!!!

'M' stands for Mountain - dignified and noble.
'O' stands for Ocean - wide and vast.
'S' stands for sun - vibrant and life-giving.

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