Friday, July 23, 2010

Bye Bye Pack Rat

Can you throw things away?

Me? I tend to be a pack rat myself. I have hard time throwing things away...

I have changed my living place for many times but I always carry everything with me. My clothes, keepsakes, artwork, textbooks, stuffed toys, knick knacks...
Thing is, I always think I will need them later!!!
Thus, I guess half of my living space is used as a storage. In other words, I am paying the rent for the storage!!!

To overcome this situation, I've got a really good idea!

"Take a picture before you throw out!!!"

Now you can simply ask "Am I really going to use it?" and if your brutally honest answer is "No!" or even "Well...probably not", or if the thing is not used for 3 years, then take a picture and throw it away.

You can keep all those pictures in your tiny memory card as keepsakes and view them anytime. You might see them more often than in your storage ;) Also, you can remember that you already threw them away, JIC!

Yes. I'm gonna execute this rule before I move to my new home in March!!!

Dreaming of a cozy home with my darling :D

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