Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Wedding Cake Rental

What is your ideal cake-cutting ceremony?

Mine is to cut a huuuuuuuge wedding cake :D

However, it costs way too much to order a huge real wedding cake, so we decided to rent a fake one!!!

Long ago in Japan, renting a fake wedding cake was nothing special, but nowadays, people are more for edible ones. Thus, you can hardly find a shop to rent a wedding cake. It took me about a week to find one!!!

As an option, we bought a two birds ornament on top of the cake, which matched our wedding theme perfectly!

Of course, we served our guests with real pieces of cake from one of the finest pastry shops called anniversary ;)

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  1. Ochi,

    I never heard of renting a cake until you mentioned in your blog..Really surprise me..

    Because normally people will buy cake..but I still not sure how much will it be costing for the real wedding cake??

  2. Hi jose,

    I think it was about 70,000yen (approx. $700). Including the real cakes we served, it costed the same as edible (but small) wedding cake.

    By the way, edible wedding cake in Japan is calculated from $10 per person. Depending on the decoration, it costs more!!!

  3. I had a real wedding cake, and it was expensive about $200, which was of course 20yrs ago. Prices are probrably at least double now! Never knew you could rent a fake one! A tradition here to have the smallest top of cake frozen to be eaten at our 1yr wedding anniversary. It was so good too, and there are ones with a fruit like center! Your cake was hard to tell that it was a rental!!

  4. OMG...700bucks to rent a tiered wedding cake? that is SO SO expensive!!! but it did look very presentable =)

    love, mica

  5. Hi jo,

    Frozen cake for 1yr anniversary?!
    How romantic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I wish we could have that kind here!!!
    But how could you preserve it for a year?!?! Is that possible?!?!

  6. Hi mica,

    Yes... not only the cake, but things for wedding are pretty expensive!!! But it is the real big day that you can never imagine until you experience ;)

  7. Ochi,

    $700 is expensive!!!!

    Now I knew why renting a cake is much better than getting a real cake..

    Thanks for your info.

  8. Hi jose,

    Yeah... but as I wrote above, things for wedding are pretty expensive!!!

    The rental saves money but it depends on what cake you want.


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