Friday, October 1, 2010

When Women Are Angry, Men Shut Off Their Brains

What does your partner do when you are angry?

My darling hides in the bed or goes to sleep...

Today, I found an interesting article (in Japanese, so I will translate).

When couples get in an argument, most women think men are not "listening or understanding" to them. But the study shows that it's because of the brain mechanism of men: when women are emotional, men shut off their brains!

Dr. Mara Mother's research group at University of California has studied the difference in response between couples by measuring the secretion of cortisol (hormone released in response to stress) under a certain amount of stress (fear, anger, etc...). The study found that the stress caused an active secretion of men's cortisol, thus they responded slow to the stress. On the other hand, women become very emotional to the stress.

This is why men hold back while women ask for emotional support. If you think your partner is not listening, they are not doing that on purpose, but ironically their brains are shut off physiologically.

Wedding preparation is really a tiring process, especially when both have day jobs, so we can easily get in an argument. But shall I forgive my darling hiding in the bed?! I think he should try his best not to make me angry before he hides in!!!

What do you think???

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