Monday, November 8, 2010

Deciding On Home Equipments - 2

On the weekend, my darling and I again toured the showrooms for our new home equipments. This time, kitchen storage at Sun Wave and toilet bowl at TOTO.

Speaking of kitchen storage, I realized it is better to have a storage for home electric appliances since I now have no place to keep them around... Believe it or not, I keep my rice cooker on the floor X( Also my brand new electric pot is out of use in the box... Anyway, there is a storage with vapor discharge system for rice cooker, electric pot, etc! I think I definitely need it in my new kitchen!!!

TOTO was fun! They nicely display the toilet bowls. Hehe!!!

It is getting cold in Tokyo day by day. Fur boot covers are in style this year! You can simply wear them with your favorite shoes!

Did you get a flu shot already?! I got it last week ;)

Take care!!!

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