Friday, January 14, 2011

900 Recipes

Wow! When this screen popped out, I realized that I have posted 900 recipes on my Cookpad (Japan's largest recipe site) account! To tell the truth, I have double the number of the recipes at home since I post my recipes on other sites, too.

As you might know, I also submit my recipes to the contests. I always try NOT to do my best since it will never go as planned... but I did it again! This time, I thought I could win at least 2nd prize for sure since my darling loved the ingredient and I could come up with many good ideas!!! However, what I received was the last place. I had a call from the manufacturer that I won the prize but my voice was not happy of course. I'm sorry!!! I devoted a lot of time (about 3 months) for that contest, so I was really shocked. Why this happens is some contests are just about the LUCK! Yeah, I knew that but I somehow I did it again. That's all! I will now forget about it to make a new start!

Life is not easy, so don't expect too much X(

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