Thursday, January 13, 2011

Got a Home as of Today!

This morning, we took a half day off from our work and officially bought our new home! The condo after 25 years cannot receive the housing loan tax credit but our real estate acquisition tax was partly exempt, which was good!!!

Anyway, I think our condo was a great deal. It has a good management system and neighbors are nice. Also, our room is on the 10th floor, so we have views of Tokyo's skyscrapers, including the Tokyo Sky Tree! Of course views are small since our condo is located away from the city. I told the owner that we will cherish our home.

Last week, I bought a fur beanie that connects with muffler and gloves! I thought it's a CAT but everyone says me it's a BEAR...

What do you think?!

It's really cold in Tokyo. We have only 1C (33F) in the morning.

See you again!

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