Monday, January 17, 2011

Start Date of Renovation and my Worries...

Today, our long-awaited renovation starts. I thought we were well prepared but my worries never seem to end X(

On Saturday, we went to see our new home once again before the renovation starts and realized that the height of the ceiling is not high enough to apply the wooden plyboard floor. To apply this, we have to lift about 2 or more inches from current condition which might make our room feel cramped and small.

All condos in Japan have a sound insulation control and we have to keep LL40 (sound insulation level) for the flooring. Thus, to reduce the thickness, some people use carpet or vinyl flooring.

I have to talk to our contractor to change our choice?! We made an appointment this weekend to discuss about it!

It is still cold and dry in Tokyo. My black fur beanie which I bought last year in spring at half price now became useful ;)

Have a good one!

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