Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Distracted by my own thought for the renovation (flooring), I sliced my hand (my thumb) with a slicer. OUCH!!!

My darling says there is never any need for ME to worry about it, but the contractor... yeah... I know! I am always like this X( I once ran a blender without a lid and messed up my kitchen because my mind was somewhere else.

Have you ever done anything careless like this?!

I really have to be careful!!!

Anyways, this glittering pink color makes me happy :D

It's my pen case which came with the kitson magazine. Nowadays, there are many magazines that come with huge gifts in Japan! I never paid for those but this one. hehe

Bye for now :)

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  1. Ochi,

    Ouucchh!! It hurt a lots,right??!! I can feel that while I'm reading your post..

    I knew this involve million dollars and this money are from both of your hard work.I believe your hubby can handle this well.Just let him take care of it..as I don't wish to read any other hurting-yourself-post again. :)

    I saw lot of magazines with gifts in SG too and mostly from Japan.But each of them are costly..I never buy.But i like your pink pouch..

  2. Thanks for your advice, jose!

    Exactly... I don't want to hurt myself anymore. Especially fingers really hurts!!!

    Wow! Are they exported to SG?! I can't imagine how they price the books thereafter...

  3. Ochi,

    Ya,import from Japan because those magazines are in Japanese language.Since I don't know how to read those Japanese words,I don't think I would buy.

    Those magazines are not cheap at all.Normal magazines like Cleo,Female or Women selling in between SGD5-SGD10 but those import magazines sell for SGD20-SGD40..included the gifts.

    I think some people will buy also because the gifts are attractive..I can understand too because I'm just controlling myself for not looking at them.Haha..

  4. Hi jose,

    I don't read this kind of magazine though I can read Japanese because it is not at all interesting! I got the book because I wanted the gift.

    One day on TV, I saw that it's a strategy of the fashion manufacturers to sell things at bookstores because bookstores are located in good places!

  5. i always accidentally grate my hand on the grater too!! try getting a microplane grater, it's more expensive but much safer. i'm considering investing in one too.

    there is a shop in the city where i live that also imports Japanese magazines, but it costs so much! i now buy Japanese books at a second hand store which sells it at a more reasonable price :)

  6. Hi grub,

    Ouch! Then please be careful not to slice! It hurts more than grate X(

    Is that safer than the plastic one?! I didn't know that!!!

    >second hand store
    That sounds nice! I sometimes read magazines at a hair salon or a dentist to save money. haha

  7. opppss!sometimes really happened.but,be careful always...

    i think,i want to hold that case now...i'm also a pink addict!

  8. Hi merce-san,

    Same to you?! We have to be careful X(
    I have many painful episode in the past... which I almost cut my fingers, etc...

    I really have to be careful. Seriously X(

    Yeah! I remember you have some pink sandals ;)


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