Friday, February 4, 2011

Aji no Mingei

Aji no Mingei is well known as a handmade udon restaurant. My darling and I go there once in a while because hot udon in winter warms us up. Also their Japanese style decors make us feel at home :D

As you can see, their dish is really huge. This is our favorite Mingei Salad. It comes with 3 different dressings: Wa-Fu (Japanese), Dai Dai (orange), and Shirogoma (white sesame).

On this day, I ordered Nagasaki Champon with Collagen!

From February, an extra buck adds extra veggies! Fabulous :D

However, one thing we regret is that our new home is quite distant. We have to go there again this month for the last time!

BTW, I prefer hot to cold for udon and cold to hot for soba.
How about you?!

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  1. wow all those noodle looks delicious!!! I love eatting noodle soup! I also prefer udon hot and soba cold! I love zaru soba so much I can even eat it in the winter time but a lot of people don't like it because they think it is too plain!

    hee hee thanks for your sweet comment on duffy, he is very happy to hear it =P

  2. i'm sure!my husband love this post.oishii soo.....

  3. Hi suki!

    I love zaru soba, too!!! I understand you eating it in winter!!! Lately, I tried hot soba but was too soft X( That's why I don't prefer to eat it.

    I look forward to reading your Disney updates :D

  4. Hello merce-san,

    Not that special but this udon restaurant is pretty good!!! hehe

  5. Ochi,

    I love soba & ramen too.I prefer cold for soba and hot for ramen.I love the soup..'

    I'm hungry now!

  6. Hi jose,

    You love noodle dishes ;) But for ramen, I can't eat fast, so I don't eat that often. hehe. Can you eat fast?!


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