Sunday, February 6, 2011

青の洞窟 Award Ceremony

On 2/5 (Sat.), my darling and I attended the award ceremony of 青の洞窟 idea recipe contest. 青の洞窟 (Ao no Doukutsu - blue cave) is one of the pasta brands of Nissin Foods. The contest was to cook spaghetti in ONE pan using 青の洞窟 spaghetti and pasta sauce. I won the 2nd price!

The ceremony was held at an Italian restaurant called Mario i Sentieri in Nishiazabu. On this day, the owner Italian chef Mario Frittoli demonstrated his original carbonara with fruits! The sour taste of fruits gave an amazing touch to carbonara and was fabulous!

Then we enjoyed his authentic Italian lunch with wines! As seen in pictures, all dishes were beautifully presented. They were dainty with discreet seasonings.

Chef Mario said he always cooks from his heart. And contacts between people makes him enjoy cooking. Of course, we had a good time with the Chef and other contestants :D


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  1. Wow this looks like a lot of fun! CONGRATULATIONS! You must be such an amazing cook. I think your husband is a VERY lucky guy.

  2. Thank you fran,

    I hope my darling is lucky... he has to eat many weird dishes I created... lol

  3. Ochi,

    Congratulations!!.What you won for the second prize?

    You're so lucky,always won something in contest or competitions.I hope I get some good luck too..

    Love the pic of you & your hubby & the chef.Your hubby cut his hair shorter,right??By the way,the chef is cute :P

  4. Hi jose,

    I received the zwilling's TWIN Choice - non-stick Frying pan and this lunch party invitations ;)

    But, I don't always win. I just post things when I win something. hehe

    Yep. My darling cut his hair. The chef's daughter is really cute. She is a model!!!


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