Monday, April 11, 2011

Cherry-Blossom Viewing

On Sunday, we went out for a walk (9km - 5.5miles) to see the cherry blossoms.

They were already in full bloom!!!

I have been really busy lately, so I didn't realize that this season has arrived already.

However, we have blustery winds and heavy rains in Spring almost every year, so we can enjoy the blossoms only for a few days... X(

I think this weekend was the best time to view cherry blossoms in Tokyo area, although it was pretty cloudy all day long.

How was your weekend?!

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  1. Aww the cherry blossoms are besutiful! It's my life's dream to see them in Japan :D We have some sakura trees in my city but not many and this year I don't really have a chance to go see them..
    I am a new blogger here so I don't have many friends, but Suki is one of them :3 I am happy to know her ^^
    I am glad you liked my nails <3
    I am not a professional nailist, but it's my dream to become one! This fall I will enter nail art school... I really want to studt Japanese nail art, but so far i just practice at home.

  2. im sure you had a nice relaxing walk! i prefer walking compared to any other sports.

    when i used to walk to high school i used to pass houses who had sakura trees in their gardens, it was a wonderful sight :) but now i'm in the city studying i don't get to see any at all :(

  3. Hello Jenia,

    I am not new to the blogger but I don't have that many friends, so don't worry ;) hahaha

    Good for you to go to the school for the nails!!! Dream big and don't give up! Practicing at home is perfect!!! That's I always do and I'm still keeping up my routine work for many many years. I think I have many more years to go, but better than nothing!

    I hope you can come to Japan someday in Sakura season ;)

  4. Hi grub,

    It was pretty cold but we had a good walk ;)

    Here, too! I now live close to the train station, so I don't see line of trees around... 20 min walk used to be a painful distance but I enjoyed Sakura trees while walking to the station :)

  5. I would really like to try your cooking! haha it`s very nice when your work is so useful in everyday life!
    i am trying to study cooking for about 6 months now but still I fail a lot even with the easiest recipies T_T Still I keep trying every day, I will never be like you, but I want to be a good cook in the future :)

  6. Hi Jenia,

    Yes. My real job is not related to cooking but at least I eat, I cook every day :)

    I simply cook foods that tastes good for me and my darling, so I'm simply a good cook at home. hehe


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