Thursday, April 14, 2011

Karaoke Addiction

I've become addicted to karaoke when I was a high school student. I couldn't afford to go there that often at that time but I remember I went there after finals with my friends for more than 3 hours!

My darling unfortunately doesn't like to go karaoke so now I go there once in a great while. Maybe twice a year or less. (My darling sings if I hand over a microphone, though...)

Anyways, yesterday I saw on TV that "your tastes may change for your loved one". I guess my Karaoke addiction reduced after I met my darling! LoL

Did any of your taste change for your loved one?!

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  1. Aww that's sad you don't go to karaoke often! But why don't you go with friends? I am not good at snging, so I just go when my friends drag me there, but I dont usually sing anything. I am too embarassed! lol
    I noticed my clothes taste changed when I met my Honey :)

  2. Hi Jenia,

    That's a good question!!! I wish my friends go with me, but my current friends don't and at the same time most of my friends are busy, so every time we see each other, we prefer to take time to talk than go karaoke. lol

    I will feel embarrassed when singing in front of someone who I don't know well (like co-workers), so I usually go there with my close friends or family. hehe

    How nice you changed your outfit!!! I haven't done that. haha

  3. Ochi,

    I superb love karaoke too!! But Ken hate it..I never been karaoke with Ken before..

    I also like taking pictures from photo booth and we can decorate them with blingy things.But Ken hate it too.

    I'm so sad for this sometimes.. :(

  4. i love singing & definitely adore karaoke! u can try to sing along to the song in ur room, that's what i do most of the time ^_^

    hmmm... 1 thing that has changed slightly since i met my bf is... i learnt to eat more meat? haha, as with all other guys, he loves meat. i prefer seafood, but he cant eat too much seafood, cuz he has a history of high ulric acid >_<

  5. Hi jose,

    My darling and Ken are the same!!! My darling hates taking purikura pictures, too... But I wonder why he smiles when he is in the photo booth. haha

  6. Hi mica,

    You know what! That's why I bought juke tower years ago to sing in the bathtub. haha

    I'm sorry to hear that your bf can't eat a lot of seafood! But I totally understand your change! I used to eat bread in the morning but since my darling cannot swallow (eat) it quickly... we eat rice in the morning. lol

  7. hahahaha you and your husband are so cute! I personally don't go to sing karaoke because Im shy but my mom loves it and makes my dad sing, but he is terrible at it and we make fun of him hahahaha I think it is true, what you say. After I meet my bf there are things I change for him and vice versa, I think it's important in a relationship to be able to adapt to new "environments" lol

  8. Hi suki,

    Your dad is ‪fun. hehe‬

    ‪That's true. Being together is to understand each other. I know but sometimes I can't. haha You are young but you know a lot! I think you can be a good wife ;)


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