Thursday, May 19, 2011

One of my Daily Routines

After we moved, I made up some routines to clean my house in order not to get lazy… I gave up cleaning my old home and I learned a lot! I'm glad it was a rent. haha

Anyways, I use Quickle Wiper to clean the floor. It's a dust-collecting mop which you can attach disposable duster (either dry or wet).

Actually, I prop it up against the wall like this so that I can use it anytime when I find a dust on the floor… but the problem is it falls over once in a while and make marks on the floor X(

So, I wrapped a pink towel!

Now it is safe to fall over! And the pink makes me happier to clean the house :D

But my darling says I am doing too much… but what if I gave up cleaning?! Better than doing nothing, you know!!!

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