Thursday, May 19, 2011

One of my Daily Routines

After we moved, I made up some routines to clean my house in order not to get lazy… I gave up cleaning my old home and I learned a lot! I'm glad it was a rent. haha

Anyways, I use Quickle Wiper to clean the floor. It's a dust-collecting mop which you can attach disposable duster (either dry or wet).

Actually, I prop it up against the wall like this so that I can use it anytime when I find a dust on the floor… but the problem is it falls over once in a while and make marks on the floor X(

So, I wrapped a pink towel!

Now it is safe to fall over! And the pink makes me happier to clean the house :D

But my darling says I am doing too much… but what if I gave up cleaning?! Better than doing nothing, you know!!!

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  1. hahaha my dad always says to my mum you clean too much ahahah! i think i saw something like this in daiso yesterday. hrm we don't have wooden floors so i have to vacuum the carpet and mop the tiles weekly.

  2. Hi grub,

    really?! hahaha

    I think Daiso has something similar to this! They actually have anything popular, right?! hehe

    Oh, that's a good point! We chose wooden floors for all rooms because it is much easier for me to mop with this duster mop than vacuum :D

  3. my mum loves that quickie wiper thing, and she has both dry & wet wipes. whenever i'm back in singapore for hols, that'd b my job - take the quickie wiper and wipe wipe wipe. haha, convenient but can be tiring too!

    (p.s. blur me! i forgot i can actually send u the pw in a fb msg.... hehe)

  4. Hi Ochi,

    You are superb cretive to wrap the wiper with the towel, good job!!

    I stopped to clean when I start to work because I couldn't adapt with the working environment but everything are back to normal now.

  5. OCHI! sorry i have been so absent in the blogging world - wedding is making me CRAZY!!!!! haha! Anyway, i was just watching your videos - they make me so happy! I will seriously try out your recipes once this wedding madness is over. My fiance and i love japanese food so i hope he will love my attempts to make him some. :P

    Btw - we have a cleaner just like that here, it's called SWIFFER! i love it... it actually makes cleaning fun for some reason... cus you can see all the dust go away.. not like carpet, you can't really tell if you got anything. haha!

  6. Hi mica,‬

    ‪you are a good girl! i seldom helped my mom cleaning… ‬oops X(

    thanks for sharing your photos ;)

  7. Hi anGeLine,

    Thanks! Great you started to clean! I can never start once I stop… so I have to be strict with myself. haha

  8. Hi Kym,

    I know you are super busy, so thanks for stopping by!!!

    Wow! Swiffer looks the same!!! And amazing that it has the cleanser version :D I know what you mean by dust going away! Same for me! hehehe


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