Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Afternoon Tea Failed X'(

On the weekend, my darling and I've been to Futakotamagawa (again) to have the three-tiered afternoon tea of my dream!

However I erroneously assumed that the Afternoon Tea TEAROOM has the three-tiered menu… just because it's name is afternoon tea… so we ended up eating seasonal cakes. sobs X'(

Seasonal Shortcake (shortcake with yogurt mousse and citrus jelly)

Seasonal Cheesecake (rare and baked cheesecake with ginger sauce)

Since we went back to Futakotamagawa, I finally bought the flower bag that I was thinking whether to get it or not… because it wasn't on sale I couldn't make an immediate decision. haha

Then we shopped at Tokyu Foodshow where many famous delicious delis (and sweets shops) gather together selling foods to go :D Here are the list of the shops there.

We found something called Singapore rice :D

We shopped at 5 delis and I served them all on one plate "for each" so that we don't fight over food! LoL

Do you separate plates for each?! hehe

Till next time ;)

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  1. Hi Ochi!

    I'm sorry your afternoon tea turned into just you guys eating cake! but they looked really yummy, as well as your dinner =D

    I love the flower purse, it's so vibrant and happy!!

  2. i love 3-tiered afternoon tea sets, they make afternoon tea so traditional :) i'm sure u'll find another place that serves afternoon tea on 3 tiers, just have to keep looking, that's also the beauty of food:) go on endless food hunts, then finally find 1 that really pleases u!

    singapore rice? haha, what was in it? was it gd?

    yupp ikan bilis/anchovies are often used in singaporean, malaysian, & indonesian dishes! can u find ikan bilis/anchovies there in japan's supermarkets?

  3. Wow you look so so pretty!!
    ANd the cakes look wonderful *o* It's been awhile sence my last cake, so I am kinda craving them now haha
    THank you for your comment ^_^
    I would love to sell them at a higher price but I am not a professioanl nail artist yet, so I don't feel good about charging people for something I am not good at doing.. And again, I really need money right now, so I better chose an affordable price haha

  4. hi dear i've set up my personal blog @ tumblr but i've locked it & only making it available to some @ this moment. the blogspot acct will only be abt the food i cook. so leave me ur email in ur nxt comment & i'll email the password to u:)

  5. Oh now Ochi!! What a disappointment though Im sure the seasonal cakes were delicious too! I know the Shangri La in Tokyo has afternoon tea as well as some of the other fancy hotels and Im sure they have three tiers but it might be pricey >< I regret not trying them out when I was in Tokyo now! hahaha so if you go make sure you take lots of photos! =D

  6. Hello Ochi!! wow i love the flower bag! it's so cute! good for the summer! the Hello kitty bag is a collaboration from Sanrio with F.A.B. starpoint i don't know this brand/company waha but google says it's from NewYork xx

  7. Hi Theda,

    Yes! The cakes were not that sweet and healthy, so we enjoyed ;)

    I thought this flower purse matches to my yukata, too, so I bought it!

  8. Hi mica,

    I have to make sure the restaurant serve the afternoon tea before I actually visit. LoL

    It was a fired rice with lots of vegetables. It came with soft-boiled egg and paper wrapped chicken. It was delicious!!! But not sure whether it is Singapore food or not. haha

    Yes! We can find ikan bills (usually comes with peanuts?) at stores. We eat it as a snack, though.

  9. Hi jenia,

    I totally understand you! I had a cake after a looooong time! haha

I know it is hard to sell things online, but keep up your works :D I always believe endurance makes you stronger.

  10. Hi mica,

    OK, I will leave a comment on your blog :D

  11. Hi suki,

    Thanks for the info! Next time I will check the web before I visit. haha

    Of course, I will take pics and post here when I could successfully have the afternoon tea ;)

  12. Hi candy,

    Thanks!!! Oh, I think I know F.A.B.! They have a monkey character, right?! I didn't know they make something with Sanrio!!! Great choice :D


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