Thursday, June 23, 2011

Triple Frying Pan

A months ago, I won a triple frying pan. I entered the campaign held by marumiya that you send the marumiya logo marks on their furikake packages. I have entered their similar campaigns for many times but never won anything, so this was my first time!!! If you see the pan, you'll find the noritama birds printed. Really cute! hehe

This kind of triple frying pan is pretty popular in Japan in the way you can cook 3 different dishes at the same time! Great pan to prepare bento :D

I will use this pan someday soon for my video tutorial!!!

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  1. congrats on the win! it's very interesting, i've never seen a frying pan like this b4, so cute!

  2. Ah, this type of skillet is nice to cook small portion.

    I tend to cook for large portion, so really do not use this type of cookware. But it is certainly nice to have one.

  3. Hi Ochi!!!! This frying pan is super cute!!! When I have my own home I want to have cute appliances like these hee hee hee I haven't been caught up with your videos because I don't have internet but I hope to do so tonight!

    Im glad you like my Tokyo post especially because it is your home! I always think it is interesting to see my city through other peoples eyes!

  4. hi mica,‬

    ‪thanks! this pan is popular in japan :D

  5. hi hide-san,

    it's you, right?! hehe
    i don't cook bento, so i think it's not a pan to buy but win. hehe

  6. hi suki,

    i know! cute appliances motivate me to cook. haha
    i hope your internet connection is fine now :D
    i won't be uploading any video next week or two since i'm gonna go on a vacation! so please take time and catch up! hehe

  7. how much is it if you buy at ordinary shop? super cute! will buy those if i have time to visit japan hhoho

  8. hi G.I.L.D.A!

    it is about 20 to 30 bucks here in japan ;)

  9. Hi Ochi! I would LOVE to buy this triple frying pan but I live in the U.S. and we don't have such thing there. I'd like to ask where can I buy it and get it shipped to the U.S. for an affordable price? Like around $20-$30 USD. Thank you very much!

  10. Hi Ochi!

    I discovered your videos a few days ago and I just LOVE THEM!!! My husband and I watch them, and I've learned to do a few things. DOMO ARIGATO!! :) Do you know where can I buy this gorgeous triple frying pan, with the birds design? I'm SO in love with it... *sigh*. A big hug from Boston, USA!! (oh, next year my husband and I will go to Japan for our anniversary... Can't wait!! It's my dream.... ^^).


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