Wednesday, June 22, 2011

ochikeron Facebook Fan Page

I just created the official Fan Page of ochikeron :D

Please "Like" me♥

I will do my best!
(somehow the first letter of the name must be in caps... Ochikeron)

I once created this page in 2009 (if you see my wall you'll see my status update) but I finally got a chance to publish it! LoL

I'm not sure what I can do here but simply "like" me at this moment ;)

Yes. I have one discussion topic... haha

New topics are welcome!!!

Please click below and vote for me.


  1. Hi Ochi, I found your FB page and I `Liked` it. Good luck, and I hope you get lots of fans :)

  2. of course i'll support ur fan page! liked u already dear:)
    have a great day ahead!

  3. thank you fran!!! btw, it was surprising that i wasn't friend with you there yet. hehehe

  4. thank you mica!!! you always supports me :D


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