Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Monday was a holiday (Marine Day) so my darling and I went to the gym, had Hawaiian lunch, shopped at Futakotamagawa, and had dinner at kaiten-zushi (conveyor belt sushi) called CHOJIRO.

CHOJIRO was a pretty fancy Kyoto-style sushi restaurant and I really loved their sushi!!! It wasn't that expensive than I thought!!! I loved Avocado Tuna since their avocado was huge :D I will go back there again!!!

Speaking of shopping, many Spring stuff were 70% off so I could finally say CUTE and get some clothes at Jill Stuart. (because I don't even think or say it's cute when the price is too high. LoL)

My darling bought me earrings at a different store, so I wore that in my next video :D

My outfit on that day! I carried my Spring COACH bag which was 30% off in NY. Still nice in Summer!

Have a good one :D

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