Friday, July 15, 2011

What I Bought in NY

We always shop something interesting that we can't get in Japan in NY!

Mini Magnetic Salt and Pepper Balls
What an idea! No wonder I bought it :D

Revol White Crumpled Cappuchino Cup 18cl
I simply liked the idea Crumpled. I got it at MOMA store. (I love to shop there.) It was 3 for $36... pretty pricey X(

Say Hello Palette - Memoirs Of A Kitty
Very useful colors! I got it without question! The product is made in Canada! I found the Metal Hello Kitty brush set at the store which suki has, too :D

Just Bunches
I love crunchy bunches in the cereal and what an idea they took out the flakes :D I think the product is too heavy so that's why it is not available in Japan.

Frosted Shredded Bite Size Wheats
I love wheats, too! But also, it is not available in Japan because of it's weight, I guess...

Softsoap and Palmolive
Speaking of the weight, I bought many dish soap and hand soap products because they were way cheaper than in Japan. I got them all at less than $1. Amazing!!! SpongeBob was cute :D

Daisy Shaped Egg Fry Ring
I got them at Williams-Sonoma because they were 50% off. Their products are pricey but I love to window shop there. Lucky me I found them :D

Vapur water bottle
My darling loves this kind... so he bought it.

And more... LoL

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  1. hello Ochi! apart from the food products, most of the items you bought on your trip can be found where i live too. i really like the cup you bought! i've seen it here but at $19 for one, it's so expensive, plus i like my big blue snoopy cup i'm using now (it was free from buying toothpaste in malaysia haha!)

    oh answer to your question you left on my blog! honestly, i'm not quite sure at the moment, but i am hoping from what i am studying at uni can help me figure out soon! my mum tells me to be a teacher and my dad tells me to be an OL, but sounds so boring hahaha! i guess i don't mind teaching home economics, but i don't think i can from what i'm studying. a lawyer seems to be a good occupation too, but i might be too ambitious there! HAHA!

  2. Hi Ochi!

    I hope you had fun during your trip to New York, it sounds like you did and you got to buy a lot of neat stuff!

    I really like the cappuccino cup you bought, it looks super cool!

  3. Ochi!! Wow shopping in nyc must've been super fun and amazing!!! I'd love to shop there sometime but something tells me I will need to save a lot before that happens, until then I'll just watch what you buy! =D Oo0o0o0o0o00o you bought the hello kitty makeup palette!! Please tell me how it is!!! hahaha I really love the brushes btw even though I really only use one of them =P (and I never knew it was made in canada hahahasaha)

    Wow I never knew so many things don't get imported into Japan due to it's weight, I would think it would more be about health regulations etc. but maybe it is too expensive to import because it's so heavy! I hope you show us how to make eggs with the egg fry ring!!!!!

  4. hi grub,‬

    ‪free cup sounds nice :D‬

    i was OL and yeah, like you say, it was very tiring… lawyer sounds nice! not too ambitious!!! i mean be ambitious!!! because life is not easy X(

  5. hi theda,

    yes! i loved time there and i still miss my holidays. hahaha

    but i believe a year is fast and i will be there soon again :D

  6. hi suki,

    i forgot to tell you but your profile pic is very cute!!!

    oh, i thought you knew the hello kitty cosme are made in canada. hehe yeah, really is! and they are cute!!!

    health regulations might be! but i love granola~~~

    i feel lazy washing daisy rings actually, but will use them someday! hehe


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