Friday, July 15, 2011

What I Bought in NY

We always shop something interesting that we can't get in Japan in NY!

Mini Magnetic Salt and Pepper Balls
What an idea! No wonder I bought it :D

Revol White Crumpled Cappuchino Cup 18cl
I simply liked the idea Crumpled. I got it at MOMA store. (I love to shop there.) It was 3 for $36... pretty pricey X(

Say Hello Palette - Memoirs Of A Kitty
Very useful colors! I got it without question! The product is made in Canada! I found the Metal Hello Kitty brush set at the store which suki has, too :D

Just Bunches
I love crunchy bunches in the cereal and what an idea they took out the flakes :D I think the product is too heavy so that's why it is not available in Japan.

Frosted Shredded Bite Size Wheats
I love wheats, too! But also, it is not available in Japan because of it's weight, I guess...

Softsoap and Palmolive
Speaking of the weight, I bought many dish soap and hand soap products because they were way cheaper than in Japan. I got them all at less than $1. Amazing!!! SpongeBob was cute :D

Daisy Shaped Egg Fry Ring
I got them at Williams-Sonoma because they were 50% off. Their products are pricey but I love to window shop there. Lucky me I found them :D

Vapur water bottle
My darling loves this kind... so he bought it.

And more... LoL

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