Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Nintendo 3DS

A few weeks ago, my darling won Nintendo 3DS at his office party :D

I was a game person when I was small but I haven't played games since after Nintendo 64... I am more to Apple stuff recently. haha

When is the last time you played games?!

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  1. wow congrats to your husband! i'm glad my original nds is still working haha. i play games all the time, such a bad habit :P

  2. yep i know, grub :D

    your comment reminded me to post about this. hahaha

  3. Congratulations!haha ^^
    I have the NDSL, and I finally get to play the games this summer. Too much homework lately :(

  4. thanks for stopping by Michelle!

    i remember that the HW made me want to play games. hahaha

  5. I played a game today on my Xbox360 hahaha I also played games since I Was younger and I haven't stopped yet but the more older I grow the less time I have for games! But every now and then Im lucky enough to spare some time out of my days and indulge in video games! What do you like to play on your new 3DS? I want the 3DS too but I don't like any of the colours yet so I am waiting patiently and hoping for a pink one to come out hahaha

  6. hi suki,

    you know what! my darling bought Xbox360 in NY when we used to live there but we cannot use any software made in Japan, so we threw it out when we moved X(

    i know! i remember i waited the gameboy for the pink color. hehe

    i don't really play it... but my darling is playing some kind of RPG. i know it's the kind of game you can spend an entire day. hahaha

  7. Ochi,

    I noticed that a lot of Singaporean play with Nintendo as well but I'm not a big fan of games.I get boring easily.

    But Ken love playing computer games.I guess all boys/men love games..

  8. yes jose,

    my darling is still playing it now after work... hahaha
    we need to go to bed soon, though. now 23:35


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