Tuesday, August 2, 2011


On Saturday, my darling and I went to Kyodo station to have a famous okonomiyaki there but the restaurant was filled as soon as it opened... so we gave up. Usually they don't take a reservation but the sales clerk let us reserve for the next Saturday :D

At that evening, we walked around Kyodo station and my darling found an izakaya called らかん茶屋 (Rakan-Jaya). We searched the net and was highly rated, so we gave it a try!

Their recommended sashimi for two was amazing!

All foods were delish!!!

I think I will go there again :D

BTW, I am still editing the next video since I was busy yesterday. oops.

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  1. ahhhh, i've been craving GOOD japanese food for a few days now so this post made me crave it even more! hehe! i know some great japanese places here but i can only imagine how much better the japanese food is there! someday i'll get to try! :)

  2. hi kym,

    if you pick a wrong restaurant, we still have damn restaurants in japan... haha

    i hope there is a better day to visit japan since the exchange rate is too high these days.


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