Monday, September 5, 2011

Hello Kitty Art Exhibition

My mom gave me free tickets for Hello Kitty Art Exhibition (ハローキティ アート展) held in Ginza, so my darling and I've been there while typhoon is approaching. haha Luckily it didn't rain :D

The exhibition was a display of some modern Hello Kitty artwork by Yamaguchi Yuko (3rd Hello Kitty designer), history of Hello Kitty designs since it was born in 1974, and some local Hello Kitty collections nationwide. It was interesting but what I thought was not worth paying 10 bucks per person. haha

We were not allowed to take pictures at the exhibition, so I have only one pic to share, which I took at the entrance.

Of course, I headed to the huge sanrio shop in Ginza after this and enjoyed Hello Kitty there again. hehe

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