Thursday, October 27, 2011

Please!!! No More Earthquakes!!!

I just wrote the same thing on FB. We expect a huge earthquake tomorrow or day after... Some people are buying emergency supplies and so do I have a helmet on hand! I hope nothing happens but "If you are prepared, you don't have to worry"!

I think you now already know why I started my YouTube channel. I just want to share my recipes and wonderful foods we have here in Japan!!! I appreciate that I could share my recipes for 5 months (almost 50 recipes) because when I started my channel, I thought I could not even do this for this many times!!! Sorry if this sounds like I am going to die. LoL But seriously I am telling you this because some people think that I am sponsored or whatever... I have no time to create something for near-term benefit (if that the case, I wouldn't quit my job! LoL) but create something that I think is good! Since 311 I appreciate myself and all others being alive every single day and try to BEST use my time, cooking up a storm. haha

I will edit next recipe tomorrow ;D

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  1. Ochi,

    Your sound make me worry!!I'm not sure what had happened underneath Japan's land but I just wish everything to stop and make peace.

    Bangkok,Thailand now is also cover by water and flooding.It is sad to read newspaper each day seeing so much damaged.

    Stay safe,Ochi.I really appreciate our friendship in blogging.


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