Thursday, October 27, 2011

Please!!! No More Earthquakes!!!

I just wrote the same thing on FB. We expect a huge earthquake tomorrow or day after... Some people are buying emergency supplies and so do I have a helmet on hand! I hope nothing happens but "If you are prepared, you don't have to worry"!

I think you now already know why I started my YouTube channel. I just want to share my recipes and wonderful foods we have here in Japan!!! I appreciate that I could share my recipes for 5 months (almost 50 recipes) because when I started my channel, I thought I could not even do this for this many times!!! Sorry if this sounds like I am going to die. LoL But seriously I am telling you this because some people think that I am sponsored or whatever... I have no time to create something for near-term benefit (if that the case, I wouldn't quit my job! LoL) but create something that I think is good! Since 311 I appreciate myself and all others being alive every single day and try to BEST use my time, cooking up a storm. haha

I will edit next recipe tomorrow ;D

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