Thursday, November 17, 2011

Palty Bubble Hair Coloring: Marshmallow Ash

Do you remember that I said I use Kao Prettia Bubble Hair Coloring: Natural Ash?

I found a similar NEW product from Dariya Cosme called "Palty Bubble Hair Coloring: Marshmallow Ash". Tsubasa Masuwaka (益若 つばさ) is on it's package! She was one of the most popular Popteen (gal magazine) models and now she produces Japanese eye makeup and fake lashes brand Dolly Wink!

Anyway, why don't I try it out!!!

You can check my hair color in my next video!
I will try it this morning ;D hehe


Product Review:

It doesn't have a bubbly texture like Prettia but very easy to apply. I didn't like the way it leaves small crumbs in the bubble (you will know if you use)... but the ash color was pretty nice! It was darker than I thought but I liked it! But Prettia has been sold for many years and they have once improved their product! So, I am sorry but I would go for Prettia the next time. haha But if Palty improved the product, I will definitely try it out!!! I really didn't like the texture of the bubble...

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