Monday, January 2, 2012

Ka'ililauokekoa @ YouTube

This is the 11th hula dancing video :D

Ka'ililauokekoa is another Hawaiian love song. The song is about the love that forms between Ka'ililauokekoa (Kaua'i chief) and Kauakahiali`i (her husband).

As usual, I posted it on my YouTube account. I was going to dance it in Okinawa but I failed since I didn't have enough time and the weather was not that good...

Anyways, I will share this video with my blog buddies who keep in touch with me on a regular basis or Tipness club members who took this "hula hula" class. Please subscribe to my YouTube channel and send me a message. I will add you as my friend to share the video.

※Tipness(ティップネス)のHULA HULAで習ったKa'ililauokekoa(カイリラウオケコア)の振り付けをビデオに記録♪シンガーでクムフラ(古典フラの継承者)Sandii(サンディー)さんのアロハセラピーな楽曲です。見たい方は私のチャンネルに登録してリクエストメッセージを下さい☆

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1 comment:

  1. Ochi! I would very much like to see your sexy hula dance hahahahaha I already subscribed to your channel but have no idea how to send you a message =( My username is sukipooki if that helps at all =(

    I can't wait for your Okinawa photos, no rush though, things are better if you wait right? lol Thanks for suggesting where to shop! I guess I will stick with Shibuya! I really do like that place after all and I will look for that drugstore near 109! But I remember there was a drugstore that didn't take credit card and only cash and we couldn't buy anything thing there because it was our last day and had no cash left hahaha

    Omg Ochi!! You are NOT too old to shop there! You must be crazy for thinking that!!! Never!!!

    I hope you're having a happy new year too and I know it is healthy because you are always cooking such yummy and healthy and delicious foods!!!


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