Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Ikanago no Kugini 2012

Again! I am posting this every year! LoL

"Ikanago no Kugini" (いかなごのくぎ煮) is my favorite tsukudani (food boiled in soy sauce) made with Ikanago (sand eel/sand lance). No wonder, it goes great with white rice! Yummy :P

Ikanago no Kugini is a famous Tsukudani in Hyogo prefecture. My grandma, who lives there cooks a few kilograms of Ikanago no Kugini every year for us in Tokyo.

It is usually cooked and eaten around the end of February or early March, when the fish is about an inch long. After its season, Ikanago goes deep in the sea where is cooler. Then it goes under the sand and aestivate.

This year she sent us in the beginning of March!

Also, she sent us Kuki wakame no tsukudani! Kuki wakame (茎わかめ) is the stem of wakame. She cooked it with enoki and shiitake mushrooms. Yummy XP

Next year, I will visit her and cook these with her! It would be nice to share the recipe and technique on YouTube since it varies from home to home ;)

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  1. Hi Ochikeron!

    It's nice that your Grandma cooks this for you! Sounds like a good plan to visit her :D

    This is not related to this post, but I thought it was interesting to share.

    Recently I tried to find konbu here. However I could not find any, I asked a Japanese supplier why and he said Australia now bans konbu import because it is not safe for consumption (according to Australian standards) anymore. I was wondering if it was the same in Japan?

  2. hi grub!

    yeah, i already wrote on my calendar not to forget ;) hehe

    i never heard of that konbu restriction! really?!

  3. please do show us how your grandmother makes this. Reminds me of the malay version of white anchovies fried with sweet soy sauce. you can search "ikan bilis goreng kicap" they look similar :D

  4. Ochi,

    Your grandma live near your house?Your grandma is sweet enough to make foods for you.I always think old peoples are more experience in cooking,and the foods are mostly superb delicious.By the way,is it small fishes?I'm curious.


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