Monday, April 16, 2012

RIMMEL x Suzy's Zoo: Chocolate Scent Eye Shadow

I bought this eye shadow with chocolate scent on the weekend :D

This morning, I tried it on and it made me happy while I am very busy XD

I don't buy makeup products that often, but it was so sweet that I thought I should get one!!! hehe

Do you know any fun makeup item?!

Let me know ;)

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  1. OMG I should get thisss! I Love Suzy's Zooooo <3<3

  2. hi blushbunny!

    you know the characters?!
    i adore the one witzy and boof, hugging each other XD

  3. Yeah I know themmmm 8D I like Witzy so muuuuch 8D

  4. Omg this is sooo cute! I think this is definitively worth buying especially if it made you happy!

  5. Ochi-San, I really like your eye makeup, could you please do tutorial about your eye make up? And what is the name of eyeshadow that you use? They are so nice on you >.<


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