Wednesday, September 6, 2017

YouTube Monetization VS Creative Mind

Do you question what YouTube has become today?!

How is it in your country?!
Sadly, YouTube Japan is now known for Monetization. I don't get any interview other than this theme... how about in your country?

Well, at first, YouTube is not a cooking site, so I shouldn't blame people for posting LONGER videos DAILY to survive.

I am just overwhelmed by a sense of crisis that people are no longer paying attention to the content than money...

What do you think!?

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  1. YouTube as a community, no matter the country, has definitely changed with monetization becoming available. However, if you maintain focus on your own personal demographic and what you like to create as well as maintaining conversations within your own community/fanbase, you need not worry. I feel that focusing on what YOU want YOUR channel to be will lead to success. Perhaps, when given the opportunity to be in an interview, set guidelines on which topics you do not want to discuss, such as monetization. Many creators in the US seem to stray away from main stream media because they have had very few positive interactions, such as with Pewdiepie and the Wall Street Journal, and Jenna Marbles with Good Morning America. It seems that media sources want to focus on money because that's all they care about. There are still so many people in the Youtube World, both fans and creators, who are still focused on providing quality content.

    Hopefully that made sense, lol.

    1. finally able to write something here. thank you very much for your opinion and feedback. yes. i need to focus on what i want my channel to be. sounds easy but i have ups and downs because of the negative sides...yes it makes sense and i will do my best! thank you again!!!


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