Thursday, May 21, 2020

7 BEST My Mother's Home Cooking Recipes (Memorandum) | Japanese Cooking Videos

These are my favorite dishes which my mom used to cook when I was living with her. I wrote these recipes when I was in my early twenties. Now after over a decade, I don't even remember what other dishes she cooked and so does my mom 😵 During this quarantine, I want to take time to reflect and recall more other recipes if possible 🤔💬

It seems like I liked her potato dishes 😋💕 I haven't posted the recipe yet but her Chive Gyoza and Baked Chicken with Crispy Potato Flakes is super delicious. I will someday soon❣️

As you can see, I uploaded my mom's cooking videos earlier in the year when I started my channel. They are very important to me 👍

Korokke (Japanese Croquette) *Every family has its own taste.

Juicy Tender Simmered Eggplant なすの甘辛煮

Simmered Chicken in Grated Potato 鶏肉のじゃがいも煮

Enoki Bacon えのきのベーコン巻き

Simmered Karaage and Kabocha から揚げとかぼちゃの煮物

Parmesan Cheese Sablés チーズサブレの作り方

Yogurt Pomme Pomme ヨーグルトポムポム

and more 💖

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