Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Microwave Cooking Safety

Do you think microwave cooking is unsafe?!
Do you think microwaving food in plastic wrap or container is dangerous?!

Long time ago, I once heard it is unsafe but nowadays I don't. Microwave cooking is very popular in Japan, and I think we don't care about it. So, I was very surprised to receive a lot of comments regarding the safety of it (after posting my microwave cooking videos).

Therefore, I contacted my microwave manufacturer (National / Panasonic) and my plastic wrap manufacturer (Asahi Kasei) to hear what they would respond.

Microwave Safety:
- The radio waves would never leak from microwave and of course it is not visible. (The light in the microwave is to check if the food is done or not.)
- It would never cause chemical transformation into toxic forms. Microwave is out for more than 40 years and there is no such an issue.
- The major drawback of the microwave oven is that food doesn’t heat evenly, which means bacteria and other micro-organisms can thrive in the cold spots. Therefore, microwave oven can be dangerous if foods are cooked unevenly.

Plastic Wrap Safety:
- They don't use harmful substance.
- Just make sure the upper temperature limit before you use microwavable plastic products. However, even if it melts, the food is edible.

These are the answers I received for the products I use, so just make sure with your manufacturers to ensure the safety.

My Conclusion:
Overall, it seems safe if you cook foods thoroughly using microwave.

But who knows what would be said after many years. Therefore, I would say it is better not used for the main source of cooking if you are skeptical about the chemical transformation on foods cooked in microwaves. Since microwave is very popular, I believe our government (in Japan) would never drill down on issues related to it.

Everyone has their own ideas on this issue... What do you think?!

(I feel like doing a summer vacations homework. LoL)

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  1. thanks for the informative post. i don't think i've heard about any issues with microwaves here. even if there were, i think people would still use them.

  2. hi grub,

    you are health conscious, so i thought you already knew it. haha

    but like you say, i think i would use if the issue is very small... microwaves are too convenient. lol

  3. I prefer to avoid cooking in the microwave. Not only because of the radiation that is said to affect the structure of food- as I am not a scientist to make a test, it's to hard to check if there is truth in the internet rumors.
    But I don't like the taste of food, especially if it was kept in plastic recipients.
    Food made on wood fire tastes better.
    Food made even on normal cooking machine is better.
    People who love food notice the difference.
    For me the microvaved food loses its appeal as the consistency is more sticky.
    I remember a video about Japan and a man who was able to say, by tasting the sushi, if the fish were stressed, before being cooked. Makes you think, isn't it?

  4. thanks for your comment! i totally agree with you. i think it doesn't tastes good compared to the baked ones in the oven.

    this recipe is just an optional thing that you can enjoy... like you eat potato chips or so. thus, i don't make this frequently. of course. haha

  5. thanks for the effort ! although people said is unhealthy and bla bla bla, but when you are in a hurry and wanna eat quick save money home cooked food, your method is great! I would do it! better than washing tons of pots and pans! So thanks for showing us the easy method of cooking!

  6. After seeing some of your recipes I decided I do want to try to cook something in the microwave. I've never done it before mainly because I don't know how. - I don't own a rice cooker and wanted to see if it tastes good to microwave cook it instead of stove cooking it.

    Thank you very much for your amazing recipes

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