Sunday, May 13, 2012

What is Cake Flour?

I receive many questions regarding the Cake Flour I use, so here is the answer!

Cake Flour, we call 薄力粉 (Hakurikiko), is soft (weak) wheat flour of low viscosity and protein content. It has a fine texture and gives cakes more tender texture than regular flour.

In my recipes, I always use Nisshin Seifun's Hakurikikomugiko.
I hope you can find this at your nearest Asian grocery store.
日清 フラワー (薄力小麦粉)

Violet has premium quality. Whiter and has finer texture.
I seldom use it because it is pricey. hehe
日清 バイオレット(薄力小麦粉)

Here I googled the Cake Flour products around you.
I hope you can find any of the below.

Swans Down Cake Flour

Pillsbury - Softasilk Cake Flour

King Arthur Flour - Unbleached Cake Flour

Premier Foods - Snowflake Cake Flour

Sasko - Cake Flour

Pilmico - Wooden Spoon Cake Flour

I don't recommend this (because I never tired it) but the substitute for cake flour (to make 1 cup of cake flour) is to use 7/8 cup all-purpose flour + 2 tablespoons cornstarch.

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Anonymous said...

thx ochi really great info

Anonymous said...

I tried using the all purpose flour + cornstarch method but it didn't work :( At least it tasted good, but the cake basrely raised, I'll try using baking soda next time

ochikeron san said...

oh, i am sorry to hear that. but thank you! i think i'm not gonna recommend this to anyone.

Ninu said...

hey i managed to procure this hakurikiko violet.. and i had a question is this cake flour bleached? Cause snowflake isnt bleached and i was looking for a bleached low gluten flour =) Thanks in advance

ochikeron san said...

i think it is bleached.

Angelica Cano said...

thank you so much for posting this <3<3<3 i was looking and found it on amazon japan but i couldnt understand if your brand you uses ships to the US lolol =] thank you for finding the american alternatives =D <3<3<3<3

ochikeron said...

you are welcome :)

Cinthia Gonzalez said...

Ochi-san, I think you forgot to mention baking powder in the substitute for cake flour. It's still not the same but it works a little better than without the powder.

Anonymous said...

Hi! All your recipes look outstanding.
For your roll cake. You used superfine sugar. Is it okay to use granulated sugar?

ochikeron said...

it will be a sugary (texture) but you can~

Anonymous said...

Also can i use self raising flour instead of cake flour. We dont have cake flour in uk. Thanks.

ochikeron said...

i never tried with that, so i am no sure... but i think you can't X( i hope you can get the cake flour. it must be available online :)

Anonymous said...

Hi, I love your blog. I have a question. What is pastry flour?

baking passion said...

Hi, thanks for the wonderful video. I really enjoy watching them, thanks.

Gina Mier said...

Which do you recommend. Bleached or Unbleached cake flour?

ochikeron said...

i use bleached one but whichever you like is okay :)

Mary Grace Vecta said...

were you able to use this flour on chiffon cakes? What was the result? Thanks

Mary Grace Vecta said...

were you able to use this flour on chiffon cakes? What was the result? Thanks

Miriam E. Potter  said...

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