Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Eat Breakfast!

It's freezing today!
Compared to last week, the temperature fell rapidly!

Anyway, let me make excuses.
There are some reasons that I couldn't write my diary on Friday and yesterday.

On Friday, I can't talk about this too loud, but I participated in the cooking contest that I wrote before.
This contest was held by Asagohan (Breakfast) Executive Committee.
They recommend everyone to have a breakfast by spending morning hours wisely.
Till September, they put out a call for the breakfast menu that could be eaten at home.
There were over 1000 applications and 10 passed to the finals!
And mine was the one that passed!!! (2 photos here are the menus that passed)
Unfortunately, I couldn't win the prize but I could meet Aya Ueto (an actress) who joined this event as a special guest!
The event site became a media circus!!!

Regarding yesterday, I was very busy.
I know it is because I took a day off on Friday...
So, I didn't have time to write.

I will come back tomorrow, if I have time :)

Brief note:
I canceled the next appointment for the cooking school.
I once thought about enrolling, but changed my mind.
It is too much for now.

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